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5" x 7" PRINTS
All Standard Prints are $10.00 each and 5" x 7" in size. Each word contains 2-4 bible verses that pertain to the word and should be read as the word is written.

Believe:Purple with Red Verbena-BEL57P    [add to cart]
Faith:Blue with Blue Lobelia -BLF57P    [add to cart]
Faith:Burgundy with Rosebud-BUF57P    [add to cart]
Grace:Burgundy with Flat Rose-GRA57P    [add to cart]
Hope:Burgundy with Rosebud-BUH57P    [add to cart]
Hope:Green with Orange Daisy-GRH57P    [add to cart]
Joy:Orange with Coreopsis-JOY57P    [add to cart]
Love:Burgundy with Rosebud-LOV57P    [add to cart]
Peace: Purple with Purple Pansy-CPE57P    [add to cart]
Prayer:Blue with Red Daisy-PRA57P    [add to cart]
Baby:Light Blue with Bear-BBA57P    [add to cart]
Baby:Light Green with Bear-GBA57P    [add to cart]
Baby:Light Pink with Bear-PBA57P    [add to cart]
Brother:Blue with Red Maple Leaf-BRO57P    [add to cart]
Daughter:Green with Purple Daisy-DAU57P    [add to cart]
Family:Burgundy with Rosebud-FAM57P    [add to cart]
Father:Blue with Red Maple Leaf-FAT57P    [add to cart]
Home:Blue with Coreopsis-HOM57P    [add to cart]
Mother:Burgundy with Flat Rose-MOT57P    [add to cart]
Sister:Blue with Red Verbena-SIS57P    [add to cart]
Son:Blue with Red Maple Leaf-SON57P    [add to cart]
Alegria (Joy)-ALE57P    [add to cart]
Amor (Love)-AMO57P    [add to cart]
Paz (Peace)-PAZ57P    [add to cart]
Special People
Director - THIRTY-ONE GIFTS - TGD57P    [add to cart]
Sr. Consultant - THIRTY-ONE GIFTS - TGS57P    [add to cart]
Cheer - CHR57P    [add to cart]
Cowboy with Tin Flag - CBT57P    [add to cart]
Cowgirl with Tin Flag-CGT57P    [add to cart]
Dance - DAN57P    [add to cart]
Emmaus    [add to cart]
Friend:Blue with Blue Lobelia -BLR57P    [add to cart]
Friend:Burgundy with Rosebud-BUR57P    [add to cart]
Librarian - LIB57P    [add to cart]
Teacher:Blue with Red Maple Leaf-TEL57P    [add to cart]
Teacher:Blue with Yellow Daisy-TED57P    [add to cart]
Treble Clef Symbol: Black-TCS57P    [add to cart]

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